Black Myth: Wukong

A month ago, 17th July 2020, one of the best Samurai/Ninja games if not the best was released; Ghost of Tsushima. This amazing game has sort of set up a trend for next gen games of Asian setup and culture and this is where Black Myth: Wukong comes in.


Black Myth: Wukong is a Role Playing Game (RPG) based on the Journey To The West mythology and it was unknown till it got announced on August 20 2020 by a Chinese developer company and even from it’s gameplay trailer, thirteen minutes long, the audio and subtitles are in Chinese, uniquely catching the eyes of many gamers.

The trailer begins by showing us a narrator who tells a story about the protagonist, Wukong, what people think about him, his myths, etcetera. And he says:

You must have heard stories about him, some say he helped Tang Seng fetch the Buddhist scriptures, becoming the “Victorious Fighting Buddha”. From then on, he stayed in Lingsbon. Some way, it wasn’t him who granted Buddhahood, the real him was already dead on the journey to the west. Some say there was no such journey. He is just a storyteller’s fictional monkey. But you must have not heard the story I’m going to tell, This story starts with a golden cicada

So basically the gameplay trailer is more of a tale by the narrator.


The characters in the game seem to have animal-human appearances, mostly bipedal with almost human bodies but their heads are those of animals. Wukong resembles a monkey but he has the ability to shapeshift to various forms.

The gameplay begins with him taking the shape of a moth, flying around till he comes across a foe to which he changes to his original form.

The enemies/villains in the game are pretty awesome with unique abilities but none of them comes close to Wukong’s power and ability.

The game has a very unique setup with pretty dim lighting with makes the game more interesting and brings out the best from the game. The environment blends in with alot of ancient Chinese culture just like the way Ghost of Tsushima did with Japanese culture. They’ve both brought Asian culture in games to another level.

More details about the game will be provided with time but in the meantime, enjoy the gameplay trailer.


Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions; An American based first-party video game developer. It is exclusively published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 due to be released on July 17 2020.


In the year 1274, the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the island of Tsushima, wreaking havoc and conquering the local population. As one of the last surviving Samurai, you rise from the ashes and move beyond your traditions to forge a new way of fighting the way of The Ghost as you wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Japan.


On May 15th 2020, the Ghost of Tsushima team made a full presentation of the game, 18 minutes long, showcasing awesome gameplay and nextgen graphics. We were shown special aspects of the game ranging from combat to customization to special modes and exploration of the world of Tsushima.

Exploring Tsushima

From Jason Connell, a member of Sucker Punch Productions;

Exploration has been at the heart of our open world design since the very beginning but you can’t have exploration if you don’t have curiosity.

Ghost of Tsushima has taken exploration in open world games to a whole new level. With a well designed map, it is easy to navigate from one place to another. The game has enabled players to easily interact with nature and their surrounding. One can follow the direction of the wind to guide them to their destination, which can be done by foot or by horse.

The guiding wind can take you to all kinds of locations in the game… It can also take you to your next big story moments or even help you find rare collectibles.

Players are advised to keep their eyes peeled on other visual cues such as smoke stacks on the horizon, interesting and odd shaped trees or maybe even animals trying to get their attention such as foxes which will guide Jin to shrines across the island.



Jin can go to combat as various avatars, players have been given the freedom to choose their preferred mode of combat;

1. Jin, The Samurai.

From Nate Fox;

If you’ve seen a Samurai movie, you know what to expect, two warriors sizing each other up, waiting for the other to make the first move.

As a Samurai, Jin can challenge enemies to lethal standoffs, No stealth, just one on one combat with your enemies. Jin can also show respect to his victims once he has finished them off, how cool is this!!!!


2. Jin, The Ghost

Jin can also take out his enemies as the dishonorable Ghost and as the Ghost he will use every dirty trick he can think of to even the odds, even using fear as a weapon. Stealth is the main aspect of the Ghost and Jin will silently and carefully take out his enemies through use of distractions, luring his enemies to their deaths.


Customizing Jin

Players can customize Jin into various sets of armor, which gives Jin different mechanical advantages; not just giving him the looks but also to help him portray his chosen play style. As players explore the world of Tsushima, they will discover charms which will give them an edge in battle.


Photo mode

Photo mode is special in Ghost of Tsushima with new features such as colour gradient, depth of field so you can focus on the right objects. You can also control wind direction and its speed. You can also change out the particles such as different types of leaves, fireflies, or even select your specific type of music.

Other special features can be seen in the 18 minute video from Sucker Punch Productions.