Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Two years ago, 7th September 2018, Insomniac Games released Marvel’s Spider-Man, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for Playstation 4, an interesting action-adventure game with some glimpse of open-world to it.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: 2018

And on the 16th of September 2020, Insomniac Games gave us a sneak peek gameplay demo of Marvel’s Spider-Man prequel, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, its events happening a year after the first game. The game will be released on the same day the Playstation 5 will be launched and from the demo, it’s going to be a pretty interesting game.

The demo starts with Miles Morales going into their house through his bedroom window and then comes out minutes later to meet his friend.

Alot has changed since the last Spider-Man game with Spider-Man: Miles Morales having more people in the open and the environs of the game. Moreover its third person appearance is more satisfying and appealing compared to the previous game. It is also more lively since its NPCs interact more with each other giving it a more realistic outlook.

From Brian Horton; Creative Director Insomniac Games;

Our story picks up one year after the events of the first game and we find Miles’ new home, Harlem is in danger, trouble brews while Miles’ mom, Rio Morales leads an election rally. A war between the devious energy corporation; Roxanne and the Underground; a high tech criminal army led by the Tinkerer starts to break out.

From the demo, the two rival groups attack each other during Rio Morales’ rally sparking chaos and mayhem. The Underground tries to steal Roxanne’s experimental energy source new form.


Miles as the spider-man intervenes amidst the chaos and that’s where the fight starts. Compared to the previous spider-man, Miles has a different primary suit with different powers and upgrades that give him an upper hand in battle. His spider sense and reflexes are also point as everyone expects spider-man to be. A new interesting feature from his suit is his ability to become invisible for a short period of time.


The gameplay also gives us a glimpse of Miles Morales’ (spider-man) strength as he is able to counter a lot of enemies from both Underground and Roxanne’s side. He is also shown stopping a bus from falling into the ocean and partially joining two parts of a bridge using his webs allowing people to cross before it collapses. What an awesome game Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to be.

With the launch of a new console, Playstation 5, gamers will enjoy it even more thanks to nextgen console features.


Black Myth: Wukong

A month ago, 17th July 2020, one of the best Samurai/Ninja games if not the best was released; Ghost of Tsushima. This amazing game has sort of set up a trend for next gen games of Asian setup and culture and this is where Black Myth: Wukong comes in.


Black Myth: Wukong is a Role Playing Game (RPG) based on the Journey To The West mythology and it was unknown till it got announced on August 20 2020 by a Chinese developer company and even from it’s gameplay trailer, thirteen minutes long, the audio and subtitles are in Chinese, uniquely catching the eyes of many gamers.

The trailer begins by showing us a narrator who tells a story about the protagonist, Wukong, what people think about him, his myths, etcetera. And he says:

You must have heard stories about him, some say he helped Tang Seng fetch the Buddhist scriptures, becoming the “Victorious Fighting Buddha”. From then on, he stayed in Lingsbon. Some way, it wasn’t him who granted Buddhahood, the real him was already dead on the journey to the west. Some say there was no such journey. He is just a storyteller’s fictional monkey. But you must have not heard the story I’m going to tell, This story starts with a golden cicada

So basically the gameplay trailer is more of a tale by the narrator.


The characters in the game seem to have animal-human appearances, mostly bipedal with almost human bodies but their heads are those of animals. Wukong resembles a monkey but he has the ability to shapeshift to various forms.

The gameplay begins with him taking the shape of a moth, flying around till he comes across a foe to which he changes to his original form.

The enemies/villains in the game are pretty awesome with unique abilities but none of them comes close to Wukong’s power and ability.

The game has a very unique setup with pretty dim lighting with makes the game more interesting and brings out the best from the game. The environment blends in with alot of ancient Chinese culture just like the way Ghost of Tsushima did with Japanese culture. They’ve both brought Asian culture in games to another level.

More details about the game will be provided with time but in the meantime, enjoy the gameplay trailer.